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Alexandra Rolaki, Project Manager

Alexandra received a degree in Biology and a PhD in Cellular Biology, focused mainly on human reproduction and development, both granted by the University of Crete in Greece in 2007. IN 2019 she graduated from MIP Politecnico di Milano with an International Executive MBA. She started her professional career in the pharmaceuticals industry in 2008, as a Clinical Research Associate in a CRO, where she worked for 5 years. From 2012 until 2015, she served as a scientific officer in the Systems Toxicology Unit of JRC (European Commission) for 3 years, mainly in the field of endocrine disruption and AOP development.

Rob Taalman, Science and Research Director

Rob received a degree in Cell biology and a PhD in Human Genetics and Pediatrics from the University of Nijmegen (The Netherlands) in 1987. Prior to Cosmetics Europe, Rob worked for Litton Bionetics (US), Hazleton Biotechnologies (UK & NL) and the Dutch National Health & Environment Institute (RIVM). In 1992 he joined Shell International in the Hague as a toxicologist and HSE advisor, moved to Shell Chemicals in London.In 1997 he was seconded to the European Chemical Industry Council (Cefic) where he was responsible for all Research & Science activities undertaking jointly by the European Chemical Industry. In May 2003 he returned to Shell Chemicals to take up the position of corporate HSE manager. In 2005, he relocated to Shell International in the Hague as the Group’s senior Environmental Health manager. Rob joined Cosmetics Europe in January 2010.

Filipe Almeida, Science Issue Manager

Filipe received a degree in Chemical Engineering and a PhD in polymers and biomaterials from the University of Coimbra (Portugal) in 2010. Prior to Cosmetics Europe, Filipe conducted research on polymers, especially on drug delivery systems for different medical applications. From 2004 until 2010, Filipe worked for both the University of Coimbra and the Institute of Chemical and Biological Technology (part of the New University of Lisbon) in such research projects. In 2011 Filipe had a Post-Doctoral fellowship in the University of Basse-Normandie in Caen (France) in a research project together with ADISSEO, a company focusing on food supplements for animals. Filipe joined Cosmetics Europe in April 2012.

Sabrina Dourte, Project Management assistant

Sabrina joined the Cosmetics Europe  Research and Science team in October 2011.